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Recruiting Profile - Do you want to play your favorite sport in college?

By GameDay | Published on: 2014 | Source: GameDay Consultant Collegiate Recruiting Website

Do you want to play your favorite sport in college?

Are you interested in playing sports at your Best-Fit college?

A GameDay Student-Athlete Profile gives a college coach everything he/she needs to evaluate your qualifications.

•Your GameDay Student-Athlete Profile may be the most important document created for the recruiting process.
•The GameDay Student-Athlete Profile is a professionally designed recruiting website, or "player bio", that provides college coaches the information they need to properly evaluate an athlete's collegiate potential.
•Your customized GameDay Student-Athlete Profile will be created as a document that can be e-mailed to targeted coaches and posted online for easy access by all coaches.
•This document and highlight video will contain all of the vital information needed for a coach to make an initial evaluation of your academics, athletic skills and abilities.
•A GameDay Student-Athlete Profile provides information about your academic progress, grade point average, SAT or ACT scores, class rank, athlete and coaches information, athletic experience, video highlights and athletic achievements.
•The college coaches will see not only the information they need to know, but will view it in a comprehensive and organized format.
•Our GameDay Student-Athlete Profile is basically your Athletic Resume that provides college coaches with CONSTANT UPDATES.


•You're working hard, learning and developing valuable skills as your athleticism improves during high school career.
•You are providing coaches with an impressive, informative and professional profile while creating a positive and lasting impression.
•Your GameDay Student-Athlete Profile will show the collegiate world that you're the real deal.
•The easy to complete profile forms and step by step procedures are quick and can be frequently updated.
•Your GameDay Student-Athlete Profile can be updated as often as you wish - a major advantage over mailing multiple introduction letters.
•This step-by-step approach is designed to make your athletic recruiting experience more rewarding and straight forward.
•Finding the Best-Fit college or university is NOT an over night process, but having the correct information will help you make the best decisions.
•Lastly, keep working hard and updating your profile for better exposure and potential scholarship discussions.

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