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GameDay Library of Liberal Arts College Recruiting Articles

Breaking Down the Recruiting Process

GameDay Consultant recommended Liberal Arts College Recruiting Articles;

Finding the Best-Fit College or University is NOT an over night process, but having the correct information will help guide you to make the best decisions. Let us help you take the all important next step! Below is a collection of over one-hundred recruiting news articles in alphabetical order that cover everything from early recruiting, early decision vs early action, coaches and parent tips, NCAA, social media, IVY league, NESCAC, Liberal Arts and much more that we highly recommend  you and your family read and enjoy.

Another kind of college sports

By: Dan Porterfield Published on: December 16, 2011 Source:

Many believe that liberal-arts colleges, which typically play sports at the Division III level, do not especially value athletics. We're therefore seen as having nothing practical to contribute to the national debate about the problems of high-profile, high-revenue, Division I college sports - including unethical behavior among coaches and boosters, erosion of academic.. Read Article »

Does a Good Football Team Make a Good College?

By: Liberal Arts Colleges Published on: 2015 Source: Liberal Arts Colleges

Does a Good Football Team Make a Good College? When some students go searching for a college to best fit their academic and extracurricular needs, they might look at a particular college because they grew up rooting for their football team. For example, some residents of Nebraska will choose to attend the University of Nebraska just because the Huskers have a great.. Read Article »

Haverford College Recruiting - Big Push from Small Colleges

By: Bill Pennington Published on: September 11, 2005 Source: NY Times

In Recruiting, a Big Push From Small Colleges, Too The players, a jumpy group of 16- and 17-year-old boys from around the country, arrived at the Headfirst baseball camp last month in Ruther Glen, Va., with statistics that stood out. It was not just their batting averages. These were players who scored, on average, 1,300 out of a possible 1,600 on the two-part Coll.. Read Article »

Is College Football Bad for Students?

By: Liberal Arts Colleges Published on: 2015 Source: Liberal Arts Colleges

With all the focus on college football playoffs, it is easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding schools with major football programs. They certainly do their best to draw attention. But is it for the right reasons? For parents and high school students that are focused on the quality of education – and the benefits that brings after graduation – these f.. Read Article »

Liberal arts colleges add degrees, sports, incentives to contend in highly competitive market

By: Amy Lane Published on: 2013 Source: Crain's Detroit Business

When Jeffrey Docking arrived at Adrian College seven years ago, the private liberal arts college had 940 students, buildings were in need of repair, football games were played at a local high school and track meets were run at an elementary school. Enrollment was dropping, Adrian was retaining only 59 percent of those who came through its doors, and the school ha.. Read Article »

Sports at a Liberal Arts College

By: Jim McLaughlin Published on: 2014 Source: Union College

Sports at small liberal arts colleges: guiding your aspiring student athletes If there was ever a great moment to explore the nature of athletics at small liberal arts colleges – and the range of offerings – this would have to be it. In 2012 the Union men’s ice hockey team made it into the Frozen Four for the first time in our school’s h.. Read Article »