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GameDay Library of Division III Recruiting Articles

Breaking Down the Recruiting Process

GameDay Consultant recommended Division III Recruiting Articles;

Finding the Best-Fit College or University is NOT an over night process, but having the correct information will help guide you to make the best decisions. Let us help you take the all important next step! Below is a collection of over one-hundred recruiting news articles in alphabetical order that cover everything from early recruiting, early decision vs early action, coaches and parent tips, NCAA, social media, IVY league, NESCAC, Liberal Arts and much more that we highly recommend  you and your family read and enjoy.

Recruiting Division III athletes

By: College student athlete Published on: 2014 Source: Springfield College

The Division III Philosophy NCAA Division III (DIII) is where the true student-athlete studies and competes. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the main governing body of collegiate sports, dividing levels of classification into three divisions. DIII institutions are largely regarded as leading academic institutions and do not offer athletic scholar.. Read Article »

NCAA Division III Recruiting Facts

By: NCAA Published on: 2014 Source: NCAA

FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS AND DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL. The college experience is a time of learning and growth — a chance to follow passions and develop potential. For student-athletes in Division III, all of this happens most importantly in the classroom and through earning an academic degree. The Division III experience provides for passionate participation in a co.. Read Article »

Division III Recruiting - Balancing Games and Grade-Points

By: SOPHIA HOLLANDER Published on: 2011 Source: WSJ

Stevens Institute of Technology Boosts Its Emphasis on Sports, but Student-Athletes Still Hit the Books Hard An unusual observer sat in the stands for a Stevens Institute of Technology soccer game earlier this season: a representative from a Major League Soccer team. Stevens, a small, private university in Hoboken, N.J., that focuses on science, math and busine.. Read Article »

Baseball - Division III College Baseball Is For Real

By: helpful-baseball-drills Published on: 2014 Source: helpful-baseball-drills

There are 1,281 universities belonging to the NCAA. Each one of these universities is a member belonging to one of three different divisions. In general, the larger schools are in Division I and the smaller schools in Division II and III. There are 449 universities in Division III. This translates to many universities playing Division III college baseball. The reas.. Read Article »

Baseball - LIers help Cortland win Division III national baseball title

By: CHRISTINA FERRARO Published on: June 21, 2015 Source: NEWSDAY

Although the school is about 250 miles away, SUNY Cortland's championship baseball team has a strong Long Island connection. Pitchers Brandon McClain (Coram), Alex Weingarten (East Rockaway), Ryan McAlary (Shoreham), Evan Honce (East Patchogue) and Patrick Healy (Massapequa), shortstop Keith Andrews (Commack) and infielder Paul Dondero (Islip Terrace) helped to le.. Read Article »

Baseball Recruiting

By: Coyote Blog Published on: 2012 Source: Coyote Blog

Back in August, when I wrote the first section of this guide, I was sitting in Long Island at a baseball recruiting camp. Now that my son has completed the process, I want to share the rest of our experience for others who, like myself, have an athletic kid but no idea how the college sports recruiting process works. Some reminders. First, this is baseball-specifi.. Read Article »

Celebrate Division III Athletics

By: Daan Braveman Published on: 2014 Source: HUFFPOST COLLEGE

When the media discusses college sports, it seems to focus much of the attention on NCAA Division I athletics. Quite often, too little attention is paid to the important role of Division III athletics at campuses all over the country. On this, the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Division III, it is worthwhile to take a moment to reflect on the significance of .. Read Article »

Division II and Division III Athletes Excel in the Classroom and on the Field

By: Jake Fischer Published on: 01/02/2013 Source: TheHuffingtonPost

With all of the recent conference realignment in the NCAA, college sports have seemed to lose a little bit of its integrity. For years, many have criticized professional sports for being driven by money and fame and turned to the college realm to appreciate athletes competing for fun and out of passion. But, many are now also thinking that the college game is no longer inn.. Read Article »

Division III Colleges Recruiting High School Benchwarmers

By: Bill Littlefield Published on: 2014 Source: Only a Game

Division III Colleges Recruiting High School Benchwarmers The most athletic high school juniors are currently receiving piles of glossy brochures from eager universities hoping to add height or strength or agility to their athletic rosters. But what about the less tall, less strong, less agile — even less talented — athletes? Bob Cook, who writes .. Read Article »

Division III offers better path for college sports

By: John Keilman Published on: June 30, 2014 Source: Tribune reporter

I've been following the trial meant to determine whether players should get a piece of the billions of dollars generated by big-time college athletics, and all I can say is that if intellectual gymnastics were a sport, defenders of the status quo would deserve a seven-figure contract. The arguments put forth by the NCAA and various college sports figures have bee.. Read Article »

Do Division III Schools Give Athletic Scholarships?

By: Kim Clark Published on: 2009 Source: U.S News

Many students hope their athletic skills will be more valuable in the lower-profile division. Only about 2 percent of high school athletes are offered even a small sports scholarship from a Division I or Division II college. As a result, many high school athletes who are realistic about their chances sometimes hope their speed and strength might win them a "leaders.. Read Article »

Football - The Day I Watched My Son In The NCAA Division III Football Recruiting Machine

By: B Cook Published on: 2014 Source: Forbes

As Augustana (Ill.)’s football coach, Rob Cushman, led 21 would-be college football players (and their families) on a tour of the the school’s newly erected $10.5 million football stadium and complex, my eye was drawn to a relatively small detail on the wall of a meeting room: the depth chart of the 2013 Vikings. While Cushman talked up the great athle.. Read Article »

Football -Athletes and Colleges Feel a Recruiting Pinch

By: MARK VIERA Published on: 2009 Source: NY Times

Morgan Moses is one of the top-rated high school offensive linemen in the country. He is 6 feet 7 inches, weighs nearly 350 pounds and has scholarship offers from colleges like Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio State, Virginia and Virginia Tech. But the economy has begun to factor into his family’s discussions about how far he will go from their home in Richmond, Va... Read Article »

Lacrosse - A Different Story at a Division III School

By: Kinsey Grant Published on: October 2014 Source: The Ring-tum Phi

When Olivia Sisson, ‘17, was in high school, she knew she wanted to play lacrosse in college and that she was interested in Washington and Lee University. She started to get offers from colleges, but wouldn’t hear back from W&L until her junior year. She had to decide if she wanted to accept one of her other offers or wait to see if she could get .. Read Article »

Many Elite Student-Athletes Are Now Choosing Division III over Division I

By: LEAGUE OF FANS Published on: 2011 Source: League of Fans

Many Elite Student-Athletes Are Now Choosing Division III over Division I A recent trend in college athletics, which has been flying under the radar, is that a growing percentage of top high school athletes are deciding to play sports at Division III programs (where there aren’t any athletic scholarships) instead of Division I universities. The rea.. Read Article »

Tennis - Tennis on the Rise

By: Ross Greenstein Published on: 2013 Source: Tennis Network

Countdown: Division III Tennis on the Rise Division III tennis is on the rise. 15 4/5 stars signed with Division III schools in 2007. This number rose to 24 in 2011. As the quality of Division III tennis continues to escalate this pattern is likely to continue. To better understand how competitive Division III tennis is, Scholarship for Athletes took the time to si.. Read Article »

What Division III has to Offer

By: NCAA Published on: 2014 Source: NCAA

Become a Division III Student-Athlete Information for prospective students athletes and parents What Division III has to Offer Division III athletics provides a well-rounded collegiate experience that involves a balance of rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and the opportunity to pursue the multitude of other co-curricular and extra-curricular opp.. Read Article »

Why Athletes Have an Edge at Elite Colleges

By: Lynn O’Shaughnessy/ Published on: 2009 Source: MONEYWATCH

When fans think about college sports, what comes to mind are epic Division I battles that pack stadiums and attract millions of TV viewers — USC fighting against Ohio State for Rose Bowl honors or North Carolina battling Kansas at the Big Dance in March. However, most college athletes compete far away from ESPN's cameras and color commentators. They attend the 42.. Read Article »

Tennis - Prepare to Lose to a Nerd School

By: HANNAH KARP and DARREN EVERSON Published on: 2011 Source: Wall Street Journal

With Scholarships Scarce, Some D-III Teams Take on the Big Guys; Beating Minnesota Don't look now, college-sports behemoths, but in some of the lower-profile NCAA sports like tennis, swimming and lacrosse, there's an unlikely new force welling up to give you a run for your money: those precious liberal-arts colleges that don't offer athletic scholarships. .. Read Article »

Basketball-Recruiting game difficult for Division-III Occidental

By: Tim O'Donnell Published on: April 2014 Source: The Occidental Weekly

University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball head coach John Calipari has it easy in recruiting. Occidental’s Brian Newhall? Not so much. Newhall recently shed light on the difficulties and realities of Division-III recruiting and the challenges specific to Occidental. Division-I coaches such as Calipari can sell full academic scholarships, state-of-the-.. Read Article »