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GameDay Library of Athletic Recruiting Articles

Breaking Down the Recruiting Process

GameDay Consultant recommended Athletic Recruiting Articles;

Finding the Best-Fit College or University is NOT an over night process, but having the correct information will help guide you to make the best decisions. Let us help you take the all important next step! Below is a collection of over one-hundred recruiting news articles in alphabetical order that cover everything from early recruiting, early decision vs early action, coaches and parent tips, NCAA, social media, IVY league, NESCAC, Liberal Arts and much more that we highly recommend  you and your family read and enjoy.

Recruiting Profile - Do you want to play your favorite sport in college?

By: GameDay Published on: 2014 Source: GameDay Consultant Collegiate Recruiting Website

Do you want to play your favorite sport in college? Are you interested in playing sports at your Best-Fit college? A GameDay Student-Athlete Profile gives a college coach everything he/she needs to evaluate your qualifications. •Your GameDay Student-Athlete Profile may be the most important document created for the recruiting process. •The.. Read Article »

Recruiting Timeline - Rising Freshman Recruiting Timeline

By: GameDay Published on: 2014 Source: GameDay Consultant Collegiate Recruiting Website

GameDay Approach.... To Getting Recruited 9th grade Timeline: Building a Foundation Freshman year is a big transition period for student-athletes going from middle school to high school. There will be a lot of distractions, so you need to stay focused and implement the plan we have outlined below. Academics •Focus on Academics right away. &bul.. Read Article »

Athletic Scholarship - 7 Things You Need to Know About Sports Scholarships

By: Lynn O'Shaughnessy Published on: 2010 Source: US News

A guide for parents who hope their child can win a athletic scholarship. Do you secretly hope that your child will some day win a full-ride athletic scholarship? Many parents do, including my sister, who believes that her 9-year-old daughter enjoys an excellent shot at a soccer scholarship in 2021. What would prompt my sister, Jane, who is sane in other respe.. Read Article »

Athletic Scholarship - Expectations Lose to Reality of Sports Scholarships

By: Bill Pennington Published on: 3/10/2008 Source: New York Times

Expectations Lose to Reality of Sports Scholarships At youth sporting events, the sidelines have become the ritual community meeting place, where families sit in rows of folding chairs aligned like church pews. These congregations are diverse in spirit but unified by one gospel: heaven is your child receiving a college athletic scholarship. Parents sacrifice weeken.. Read Article »

Club Ball - Club sports offer exposure — but at a steep price

By: Greg Riddle Published on: 2014 Source: The Dallas Morning News

Families gamble select team expenses will result in a scholarship adi Bishop was willing to drive seven hours — one way — just for practice. Her mother, Kristen Counce, estimates that the family from Jonesboro, Ark., spent $15,000 to $20,000 a year so Bishop could play select softball for the McKinney-based Texas Glory club. “People are like, .. Read Article »

Club Ball - College recruiting process for athletes swings toward clubs

By: Bill Wells Published on: 2012 Source: The Republican

I wrote a high school column last week on how some parents believe there is some sort of connection between information in the newspaper and a high school athlete being recruited to play sports in college. That would be an incorrect belief. Granted, I’m on the inside and know how things work. A high school kid being recruited based on a story or some stat.. Read Article »

Committing to Play for a College, Then Starting 9th Grade

By: NATHANIEL POPPER Published on: JAN. 26, 2014 Source: NY Times

Before Haley Berg was done with middle school, she had the numbers for 16 college soccer coaches programmed into the iPhone she protected with a Justin Bieber case. She was all of 14, but Hales, as her friends call her, was already weighing offers to attend the University of Colorado, Texas A&M and the University of Texas, free of charge. Haley is not a o.. Read Article »

Division I versus Division II and III

By: Scotedale Published on: 2014 Source: Scotedale

What is the NCAA and the Differences Between Divisions I, II and III? What is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)? The NCAA, or National Collegiate Athletic Association, was established in 1906 and serves as the athletics governing body for more than 1,200 colleges, universities, conferences and organizations. The national office is in Indianap.. Read Article »

Early Decision Applicants playing Sports - Early Decision Tougher Than Ever

By: Steve Cohen Published on: 11/29/2011 Source: Forbes

Early Decision Tougher Than Ever The first results from this year’s college admissions race are in. Colleges sent out their early-admissions decisions last week. And the acceptance picture was depressingly similar to what it was last year – only tougher. Admission to “top” schools is difficult — the early-decision “edge” is ero.. Read Article »

Freshmen need to think Recruiting Early

By: Tom Lakin Published on: September 15, 2010 Source: ESPNHS

The best thing a ninth-grader can do: Set a solid foundation to start on the right foot. The recruiting process can be a lot like conditioning drills at the end of practice — frustrating, stressful and seemingly endless. But just like wind sprints, recruiting goes much easier if you’re well prepared. A solid plan of attack begins during your freshman year... Read Article »

Learning to play the game

By: Ari Worthman Published on: 2013 Source: Lakeside School

Whenever I ponder how drastically college athletic recruiting has changed over a decade, I think of a story a father recently shared with me. His son is a star soccer player at the club level, and like many of these top athletes, aspires to play at a Division I college. “He should think about specializing—becoming a year-round soccer player,” h.. Read Article »

Myths of the Recruiting Process

By: Deerfield Academy Published on: 2015 Source: Deerfield Academy

Myths of the Recruiting Process Excerpts taken from Varsity Edge Myth: If you are good enough, coaches will find you. Reality: Recruiting is now a global process, and despite your skills or success in high school, it is extremely easy to be overlooked by college coaches. Therefore, it is essential for you to contact coaches in a systematic and timely fashion. Myth:.. Read Article »

Parents can assist Recruiting Process

By: Tom Lakin Published on: 9/15/10 Source: ESPNHS Recruiting Tips

Even though mom and dad can annoy you at times, they can also help high school athletes choose the right college. There’s something about the college process that can make even the best parents go a little loopy. Maybe it’s because the process reminds them that their pride and joy – you – is about to pack up and ship out, pretty much.. Read Article »

Playing in high school is no longer vital for college scholarship seekers

By: ERIC SONDHEIMER Published on: 2012 Source: LA Times

Some athletes are giving up playing for their school teams and joining club teams that participate in showcases attended by college recruiters. But college coaches say they are by no means ignoring players in high school programs. There has been a longtime assumption, if not an unwritten commandment, in the world of high school sports: Thou shall play for your high.. Read Article »

Rugby It’s Not. But Watch the Teeth.

By: Corey Kilgannon Published on: April 22 2011 Source: New York Times

Rugby It’s Not. But Watch the Teeth. NEWCOMERS to the regular men’s field hockey games at Baker Field in Manhattan should be warned: Any notion that this is a sport for tittering schoolgirls will be quickly dispelled. Bloody knees, scarred faces, missing teeth? Yes. Men with rugby-worthy physiques wielding club-length sticks at a hard, fast ball? .. Read Article »

Senioritis - Slackers, Beware

By: LAURA PAPPANO Published on: 2007 Source: NY Times

You may have gotten a thick envelope with a perky congratulatory letter from the college admissions office. You may have told everyone you know (and some you don’t) where you’re going. You may have your new school hoodie in wardrobe rotation. You’re in, but remember: You’re not done. After being accepted at Franklin & Marshall Co.. Read Article »

Social Media - How social media behavior of high school athletes can negatively impact NCAA recruiting

By: Scott Patsko Published on: 2015 Source: Northeast Ohio Media Group

Back on March 14, Oklahoma State assistant football coach Jemal Singleton gave his Twitter followers a recruiting update. It wasn’t what most were expecting. “Had to unfollow/stop recruiting a young man this evening. Still amazed by what recruits tweet/retweet/ College coaches are watching.” Three months later, Penn State assistant football coach.. Read Article »

Social Media - Maryland Bill Addresses College Athletes’ Social Media Privacy

By: Mary Pilon Published on: February 3, 2012 Source: New York Times

Maryland Bill Addresses College Athletes’ Social Media Privacy A bill introduced Thursday in the Maryland state legislature would stop colleges and universities from keeping digital tabs on student-athletes. The bill would prohibit schools from requiring students to provide information like user names and passwords or to install monitoring software on th.. Read Article »

Social Media - They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets.

By: NATASHA SINGER Published on: November 9, 2013 Source: NY Times

At Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Me., admissions officers are still talking about the high school senior who attended a campus information session last year for prospective students. Throughout the presentation, she apparently posted disparaging comments on Twitter about her fellow attendees, repeatedly using a common expletive. Perhaps she hadn’t realized t.. Read Article »

Social Media - UNC College Policy on Student-Athlete and Social Media

By: UNC College Published on: February 3, 2012 Source: NY Times Article

THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS POLICY ON STUDENT-ATHLETE SOCIAL NETWORKING AND MEDIA USE The UNC Department of Athletics recognizes and supports its student-athletes’ rights to freedom of speech, expression, and association, including the use of online social networks. In this context, however, each student-athlete m.. Read Article »

Social Media - Watch That Tweet! N.C.A.A., Colleges Wrestle With Social Media Recruiting Rules

By: MARY PILON Published on: DECEMBER 12, 2011 Source: NY Times Sports Blog

Watch That Tweet! N.C.A.A., Colleges Wrestle With Social Media Recruiting Rules If a college sports fan makes a plea for a player via Facebook or Twitter, does that constitute a violation of N.C.A.A. rules? That’s one of the questions at the heart of an academic paper by Victor Broccoli, a 2010 graduate of Tulane University Law School and lawyer in R.. Read Article »

Video Recruiting - How To Make A Great Soccer Recruiting Video!

By: Future 500 ID Camp Published on: 2015 Source: Future 500 ID Camp

How To Make A Great Soccer Recruiting Video! Having a quality soccer recruiting video can prove quite helpful during the recruiting process. College coaches generally don’t have the time it takes to see hundreds of soccer recruits in person. Video can be a helpful first step in getting the attention of a college coach. A well-done video and effective distribu.. Read Article »

Video Recruiting - Let’s Go to the Video

By: Max Roosevelt Published on: 10/1/2008 Source: New York Times

For College Recruiting, Let’s Go to the Video, but Without the Tape A couple of hundred fans were on hand in Weston, Fla., in 2006 to see April Carson break the Tequesta Trace Middle School record for 3-pointers in a game. But her father posted an Internet video of the performance, which has been viewed more than 11,000 times by people who have joined that .. Read Article »

Visits - High School Athletes must take first step in College Recruiting

By: Bill Wells Published on: 2012 Source: The Republican

College visits confirm belief: high school athlete must take first step in college recruiting process Like so many families have done in the past, and like so many families will do in the future, the Wells Family took a big step over February vacation: we went on our first college tours. Both of my kids want to play sports in college: my son wants to play bas.. Read Article »

Want to Play in College? Meet with a Coach on a Campus Visit

By: Go See Campus Published on: 2014 Source: Go See Campus

Is practicing your sport and being part of a team one of the best parts of your high school experience? Do you have the drive and the skill to play in college? If the answer is "yes", this article is for you. In it, Go See Campus discusses how to meet with a coach during a campus visit. So that you can be prepared, it breaks down the process into several steps: .. Read Article »

What Do College Coaches Want

By: Donna Dye Published on: 11/10/10 Source: ESPNHS Recruiting Tips

When it comes to athletic scholarships, there is always the question of whether or not you are good enough or have what it takes. You are running fast or jumping high; you are ranked on the DyeStat rankings; your test score on the SAT or ACT is good. But are you on track for a scholarship? You wonder, “What do coaches want?” ESPNHS DyeStat asked severa.. Read Article »

Athletic Recruiting - What is Football Junior Day

By: Mitch Sherman Published on: 2012 Source: ESPN RecruitingNation

Junior days were once for show, but now they are a big part of recruiting process As more and more programs begin hosting their annual junior days, here's a look at what these events are, what happens and the future of them. What is a junior day? Think of it as a group unofficial visit. Junior days have skyrocketed in popularity in the past decade. Most ma.. Read Article »

Which Coaching Style Works for You?

By: Loren Mooney Published on: 11/11/2011 Source: ESPNHS

Which coaching style works for you? Whether you’re a nationally ranked recruit who’s being courted by a host of elite programs or you just want to keep playing for a club team somewhere after you graduate, you will have the gift — and responsibility — of deciding who you’ll play for in college. It’s not like high school, where t.. Read Article »

Tips during GameDay

By: Mark Lewis Published on: 6/27/11 Source: ESPN Girls Basketball

Now is the time to make a great impression, so play hard but also find out what not to do Your mission in July in front of the college recruiters is actually pretty simple: Play your game, play hard and offer only your best every time out. There's no guarantee that formula will produce the results and scholarship offers you want, but it puts you in the best positi.. Read Article »