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About Us

GameDay Consultant Mission Statement

For parents and student-athletes, choosing an accredited academic college is probably the most important lifelong decision in the student-athlete's life. Deciding on a Best-Fit college is more than a preparation for a career. It is an opportunity that you do not want to let slip by that you will cherish throughout your lifetime.

With the explosion of sports in colleges, collegiate recruiting has become an overwhelming and extremely competitive process. Student-Athletes are required to excel in both the classroom and on the athletic field, while at the same time differentiating themselves from their peers and  gaining the attention of a college coach. 

Our mission at GameDay Consultant is to give all student-athletes the opportunity to find their Best-Fit College. 

At GameDay Consultant, it is our strongest belief that there is a place in collegiate athletics for every student- athlete who plays high school varsity sports at the highest level.