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    Welcome to GameDay Consultant Collegiate Recruiting Website. The recruiting process is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for student-athletes. Deciding where to go to college can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking task and an enormous decision. The collegiate recruiting process has become tougher and more competitive throughout the last ten years. Many talented prospective student-athletes go un-noticed, because they simply do not know or understand the process of collegiate recruiting.

     In today's environment you must start this process as early as your freshman year in high school. Most Division I college coaches plan several years in advance. Generally speaking, Your child is considered a prospective student-athlete when they start ninth-grade. Our mission at GameDay Consultant is to give all student-athletes the opportunity to find their Best-Fit college.  Read More About GameDay Consultant .:

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    Student-Athlete College Recruiting Profile

    GameDay approach.... Making an Impact on the College Coach.

    Your GameDay Student-Athlete Profile gives a college coach everything they need to evaluate your qualifications. A GameDay Student-Athlete Profile provides information on your academic progress, grade point average, SAT or ACT scores, class rank, contact information, athletic experience, video's and achievements. The profile is basically your Athletic Resume that provides college coaches with CONSTANT UPDATES.  read article .:

    Rising Freshman Recruiting Timeline (Checklist)

    GameDay approach.... To Getting Recruited.

     9th grade Timeline: Building a Foundation - Freshman year is a big transition period for student athletes going from middle school to high school. There will be a lot of distractions, so you need to stay focused and implement the plan that we have outlined below. read article .:

    Recruiting Tips to Finding a College Match

    GameDay Approach.... Finding a Best-Fit College.

    Remember, college coaches and their recruiting staff will do their homework on you. Now it's time to return the favor. Before narrowing your choice of schools, use the following guidelines to determine the school that fits you best academically and athletically. read article .:

    Do Grades Really Matter?

    GameDay Approach.... To Understanding Academics.

    Students with top grades are a coach's dream and thus are more likely to be recruited. Imagine you are a head coach and you need to battle to get certain recruits admitted to the school each year. Along comes this student who is not only a potentially strong recruit, but also a student who could get into the school on his/her academic achievement. read article .:

    Featured College Recruiting News Articles

      Lacrosse - Club lacrosse helps student-atheletes play in college

      By: Michelle Fenelon Published on: 2014 Source: Boston Globe

      Personality, drive, motivation, and athletic ability. Those are the qualities Revolution Lacrosse director Lukas Cash looks for when accepting girls into his program. Cash made it clear that he doesn’t necessarily accept players who are gifted; Team Rev looks for a certain type of mentality. “We don’t want mean girls, unhappy kids, so we always say we don’t want rain clouds,&.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - Coaches’ New Overture: Limit Early Recruiting

      By: NATHANIEL POPPER Published on: 2015 Source: NY Times

      College coaches are pushing the N.C.A.A. to end a largely hidden practice that has become increasingly common: the recruitment of young high school and occasionally even middle school students. Women’s lacrosse and softball coaches separately sought approval from the N.C.A.A. this fall for proposals that would limit recruiting of younger students. Men’s lacrosse coaches are set to discuss doing somethi.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - How to play NCAA Women's Lacrosse

      By: Tom Larkin Published on: 9/15/2010 Source: ESPNHS Lacrosse

      What Coaches Look For “When evaluating a women’s lacrosse player, athleticism is key,” says Michele DeJuliis, assistant coach at Princeton. “We are also looking for hustle, game sense, communication, vision, speed, agility, good hands and how they perform in their specific position.” Also important is a player’s competitive nature, says Georgetown head coach Ricky Fried. “D.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - Straight to the Source: Women’s College Coaches Recruiting Survey

      By: Kate Hickman Published on: 2014 Source: US Lacrosse

      College recruiting is the phase many players anticipate as they grow up in the lacrosse circuit. As a high school coach and recruiting mentor, I always strive to stay informed on the latest recruiting trends to appropriately help families navigate that circuit with certainty and purpose. So I went straight to the source, conducting an informal survey of NCAA women’s coaches, asking a series of questions to .. Read Article »

      Soccer - College Soccer Recruiting Basics:

      By: Gameday Published on: 2015 Source: GameDay

      College Soccer Recruiting Basics With over 1,200 men’s college soccer programs across the country and over 1,400 women’s programs finding a scholarship is harder then you might think. Coaches divide their money up and very rarely give full ride scholarships. Steps For High School Players Take the ACT and keep your grades up - Remember that the primary purpose of going to college is to get an .. Read Article »

      Soccer - Key factors in college soccer recruiting

      By: Mike Pantalione & Hugh Bell Published on: 2014 Source: SoccerAmerica

      Yavapai College, located in Prescott, Ariz., has captured seven NJCAA National Championships and finished in the top four nationally 17 times since 1990. The coaches are longtime NSCAA members Mike Pantalione and Hugh Bell, who will never claim to have all the answers. This is intended for college coaches and others connected with the sport to have a laugh, look back on some of their own experiences, and perhaps add to th.. Read Article »

      Soccer - Popular Misconceptions about College Soccer, and NCAA Divisions I, II, III and NAIA

      By: PSV Published on: 2014 Source: PSVUNIONFC

      MYTH: "I only want to play NCAA Division 1 Soccer because I'm an 'elite' player and NCAA Division's 2 & 3 (and NAIA) are just not competitive enough, because they are not D1.” Without getting too deep about the comparative level of play between the 3 NCAA divisions, it can best be understood like this. The D1 schools, having more $$$ because of the sheer size of the program, are simply more visible.. Read Article »

      Soccer - Top girls’ soccer players face difficult choice between club, high school teams

      By: Brandon Parker Published on: 2015 Source: The Washington Post

      Pen and pad in hand, FC Virginia under-17 girls’ club soccer Coach Terry Foley went down the roster and asked the same, simple question following one January practice: “High school or no high school?” Tess Sapone had always enjoyed playing for Oakton High , but as her teammates voted one by one against joining their school teams this spring, Sapone fell into line. “I knew I wanted to play .. Read Article »

      Soccer - What College Coaches look for in Soccer Players

      By: Tom Lakin Published on: 9/15/2010 Source: ESPNHS soccer

      What Coaches Look For The best way to stand out on a soccer field just might be to avoid trying to stand out. “Most kids think they have to ‘stand out,’ so they don’t pass or they dribble too much,” says Jay Martin, head soccer coach at Ohio Wesleyan. “You stand out by playing the game the way it should be played. Pass, work hard, defend, communicate, support your teammates. Don&rs.. Read Article »

      Soccer - Committing to Play for a College, Then Starting 9th Grade

      By: NATHANIEL POPPER Published on: 2014 Source: NY Times

      Before Haley Berg was done with middle school, she had the numbers for 16 college soccer coaches programmed into the iPhone she protected with a Justin Bieber case. She was all of 14, but Hales, as her friends call her, was already weighing offers to attend the University of Colorado, Texas A&M and the University of Texas, free of charge. Haley is not a once-in-a-generation talent like LeBron James. She just .. Read Article »

      Soccer - How to play Women's College Soccer

      By: Tom Larkin Published on: 9/15/2010 Source: ESPNHS

      What Coaches Look For “When you walk up to a soccer field, the first things you notice are how hard a person works and how competitive she is,” says Tracey Leone, head women’s soccer coach at Northeastern. “You’re watching a brand-new player, so you try to notice some of the intrinsic characteristics like work ethic, leadership, how they treat their teammates, how they treat their coach. .. Read Article »

      Softball - 10 Ingredients to Succeed in Elite Softball

      By: Amanda Scarborough Published on: 2015 Source: Amanda Scarborough

      Lessons. Practice. Travel. Games. Recruiting. Repeat. The ingredients of elite softball are all in the air. Getting lost in emotions, information and games can be an everyday occurrence. Some days are easier than others. It’s a grind. Always remember there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the benefits of making it through the months ahead of you are completely worth it in the end. As a parent, remember t.. Read Article »

      Softball - Learn how you can get noticed by College Softball Coaches

      By: Susie Arth Published on: 5/02/11 Source: ESPNHS Softball

      "Remember that you'll be judged on more than just your ability to play the game." It takes a lot more than a sweet swing and a strong arm to get noticed by college coaches. Check out these 10 qualities that coaches across the country are looking for in their recruits: 1. Athleticism Believe it or not, your general athleticism may be more important than having a sweet swing or a 65 mph fastball. Coaches .. Read Article »

      Softball - Players share five Recruiting Tips

      By: Garland Cooper Published on: 12/14/2011 Source: ESPNHS

      Going through the recruiting process can be difficult and stressful. Now that the fall recruiting season is over, it’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath and focus on what matters. Several athletes who have already been through the process shared their thoughts on the most important things to remember when going through the recruiting process. 1. Take the initiative “Be proactive .. Read Article »

      Softball - So, What Exactly Are College Coaches Looking For?

      By: Amanda Scarborough Published on: 2014 Source: Amanda Scarborough Blog

      6 Things College Coaches Are Looking For Versatile / Athletic Can Produce Offensively Softball Savvy Competitive / Knows How to Win Good Attitude & Coachable Grades One of the biggest questions in our game today is, “What are college coaches looking for in recruiting an athlete?” There’s not just ONE thing that coaches are looking for. In my mind, there are multiple things that ad.. Read Article »

      Tennis - Prepare to Lose to a Nerd School

      By: HANNAH KARP and DARREN EVERSON Published on: 2011 Source: Wall Street Journal

      With Scholarships Scarce, Some D-III Teams Take on the Big Guys; Beating Minnesota Don't look now, college-sports behemoths, but in some of the lower-profile NCAA sports like tennis, swimming and lacrosse, there's an unlikely new force welling up to give you a run for your money: those precious liberal-arts colleges that don't offer athletic scholarships. After years of serving as an occasional appetizer.. Read Article »

      Volleyball - Be a Better Bench Warmer(Volleyball)

      By: Cosy Burnett Published on: March 14, 2012 Source: ESPNHS

      Cosy's Corner: Be a better bench warmer By Cosy Burnett Cosy Burnett is a junior outside and opposite hitter at La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, Calif.) who also plays for Coast Volleyball Club in San Diego, Calif. Her high school team competed in the state finals for Division II last season and she has competed at nationals five times with her club teams. In the latest installment of her blog, she shares her tips.. Read Article »

      Volleyball - Don’t Overlook Value, Quality of NAIA Schools During Recruiting

      By: TRISH SIEDLIK Published on: 2014 Source: Nebraska Prep Volleyball

      When I am recruiting a player, and they tell me “thanks coach, but I want to go bigger” I guess I am unclear of what that means. I want a bigger school? Ok. I get that part. I want more competition? That one, I want to debate. By no means am I saying that a Bellevue University can go in and compete with a Penn State. However, I want to clear up some misconceptions about the NAIA (National Association of In.. Read Article »

      Volleyball - Top 5 Things to Do to Get Recruited to Play College Volleyball

      By: Beverly Oden Published on: 2015 Source:

      Get Good Grades First and foremost, volleyball recuiting starts with good students. To get recruited to play in college and possibly earn a scholarship, you have to make the grade. Make sure you are taking your school work seriously because college coaches are not interested in slackers on the court or in the class room. Getting good grades shows that you have self-discipline, you are teachable, you are responsibl.. Read Article »

      Volleyball - Recruiting Timeline Should Start Freshman Year

      By: TRISH SIEDLIK Published on: 2014 Source: Nebraska Prep Volleyball

      Over the course of ten years I have done many recruiting seminars for clubs, high schools, and individuals seeking a college athletic scholarship. I have talked about a timeline of how to pursue this goal. Over these ten years, not much has changed. Actually, there have been many more resources since I was recruited as a student-athlete myself. I have my timeline broken down into high school classes. Good luck! F.. Read Article »

      Volleyball -Things to Do – and Avoid – During Process of Being Recruited

      By: TRISH SIEDLIK Published on: 2014 Source: NEBRASKA PREP VOLLEYBALL

      Don’t ignore any emails from any coach at any level. What if all your dream schools don’t pan out? What if the school that is not at the top of your list will pay for your entire education? Maybe there is a school you never considered? Keep ALL your options open! Even if you know this school is out of the question, send a reply thanking them for their time. Do see a match of the schools on your .. Read Article »

      Volleyball - Coach’s Clipboard: Take Reality Checks During Recruiting Time

      By: Trish Siedlik Published on: 2014 Source: Nebraska Prep Volleyball

      This week, I want to write about the reality check that all players need to have when they start their recruiting process. These are some of the things you might be chatting about with your family when making your decision. What I encourage the most from parents is to be active in the process. You might leave the final decision up to your child, but steer them in a direction you feel will be beneficial in their ul.. Read Article »