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    Welcome to GameDay Consultant Collegiate Recruiting Website. The recruiting process is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for student-athletes. Deciding where to go to college can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking task and an enormous decision. The collegiate recruiting process has become tougher and more competitive throughout the last ten years. Many talented prospective student-athletes go un-noticed, because they simply do not know or understand the process of collegiate recruiting.

     In today's environment you must start this process as early as your freshman year in high school. Most Division I college coaches plan several years in advance. Generally speaking, Your child is considered a prospective student-athlete when they start ninth-grade. Our mission at GameDay Consultant is to give all student-athletes the opportunity to find their Best-Fit college.  Read More About GameDay Consultant .:

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    Your GameDay Student-Athlete Profile gives a college coach everything they need to evaluate your qualifications. A GameDay Student-Athlete Profile provides information on your academic progress, grade point average, SAT or ACT scores, class rank, contact information, athletic experience, video's and achievements. The profile is basically your Athletic Resume that provides college coaches with CONSTANT UPDATES.  read article .:

    Rising Freshman Recruiting Timeline (Checklist)

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     9th grade Timeline: Building a Foundation - Freshman year is a big transition period for student athletes going from middle school to high school. There will be a lot of distractions, so you need to stay focused and implement the plan that we have outlined below. read article .:

    Recruiting Tips to Finding a College Match

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    Remember, college coaches and their recruiting staff will do their homework on you. Now it's time to return the favor. Before narrowing your choice of schools, use the following guidelines to determine the school that fits you best academically and athletically. read article .:

    Do Grades Really Matter?

    GameDay Approach.... To Understanding Academics.

    Students with top grades are a coach's dream and thus are more likely to be recruited. Imagine you are a head coach and you need to battle to get certain recruits admitted to the school each year. Along comes this student who is not only a potentially strong recruit, but also a student who could get into the school on his/her academic achievement. read article .:

    Featured College Recruiting News Articles

      Baseball - Crunching the Numbers: Baseball Scholarships

      By: Ryan Wood Published on: 2014 Source:

      Gaining an edge in the recruiting process can go a long way toward landing the baseball scholarship you desire. Amazingly, an untapped advantage for recruits isn’t a particularly hard one at all: knowledge. The more you know, the better informed you will be when making the big decision. Working on the soft glove and the quick bat speed is necessary. So, too, are promotional materials like a video that will g.. Read Article »

      Baseball - Division III College Baseball Is For Real

      By: helpful-baseball-drills Published on: 2014 Source: helpful-baseball-drills

      There are 1,281 universities belonging to the NCAA. Each one of these universities is a member belonging to one of three different divisions. In general, the larger schools are in Division I and the smaller schools in Division II and III. There are 449 universities in Division III. This translates to many universities playing Division III college baseball. The reason for three divisions is to split the universitie.. Read Article »

      Baseball - Division III Recruiting

      By: Coyote Blog Published on: 2012 Source: Coyote Blog

      Back in August, when I wrote the first section of this guide, I was sitting in Long Island at a baseball recruiting camp. Now that my son has completed the process, I want to share the rest of our experience for others who, like myself, have an athletic kid but no idea how the college sports recruiting process works. Some reminders. First, this is baseball-specific -- other sports work differently, I presume. Second,.. Read Article »

      Baseball - LIers help Cortland win Division III national baseball title

      By: CHRISTINA FERRARO Published on: 2015 Source: NEWSDAY

      Although the school is about 250 miles away, SUNY Cortland's championship baseball team has a strong Long Island connection. Pitchers Brandon McClain (Coram), Alex Weingarten (East Rockaway), Ryan McAlary (Shoreham), Evan Honce (East Patchogue) and Patrick Healy (Massapequa), shortstop Keith Andrews (Commack) and infielder Paul Dondero (Islip Terrace) helped to lead the Red Dragons to the NCAA Division III title .. Read Article »

      Baseball - The benefits of choosing college over pros

      By: Chris Webb Published on: 1/17/2012 Source: ESPN

      “Everyone has a different timetable, some kids are ready physically and mentally to go out and endure the rigors of minor league baseball. It’s a totally different lifestyle, and not everyone is ready for that.” Those are the words of an American League crosschecker. Jason A. Churchill wrote about the benefits of drafting prep talent. From the professional instruction, the routing and upside,.. Read Article »

      Baseball - Tips from the Pros: Mike Leonard on choosing a college

      By: David Laurila Published on: 2013 Source: New England Baseball Journal

      Tips from the Pros: Mike Leonard on choosing a college One of the biggest decisions a student-athlete has to make is where to attend college. Mike Leonard (Hartford, Conn.) understands that as well as anybody. Currently the head baseball coach at Bates College, he was an All-Big East catcher at the University of Connecticut before playing four years in the Red Sox system. In this installment of Tips from the .. Read Article »


      By: MIKE MARTIN Published on: 2014 Source: Corraro Baseball

      MIKE MARTIN, HEAD BASEBALL COACH, FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY The question of "what it takes for a student-athlete to compete at the collegiate level" is constantly brought before me in my travels across the country. The answer may be as broad and vague as the question. In this book you will find hundreds of Baseball programs. Is there a Baseball program right for you? Yes. Can you walk into any program and compe.. Read Article »

      Baseball -Tips for getting recruited for Baseball

      By: Tom Larkin Published on: 9/15/2010 Source: ESPNHS BASEBALL

      Tips for getting recruited for Baseball Baseball coaches are old school. Think of the typical manager and chances are you’re picturing a grizzled lifer who appreciates hard work, hustle and a dirty uniform. So it should come as no surprise that after raw baseball potential, two of the biggest things a baseball coach looks for are hustle and energy. “After talent, the thing we want to see most is a gu.. Read Article »

      Basketball - How Seniors Stay on Top of Recruiting

      By: Michael Husted Published on: 2011 Source: USA Basketball

      Seniors, you will soon be graduating from high school. Where are you in the recruiting process? If you have already verbally committed, congratulations. If not, you need to pick up the pace. Over the next several weeks to months, college basketball programs will be "closing their books" on this year's class. If you hope to be playing at the next level, here is what I recommend doing: Make a list of your top 1.. Read Article »

      Basketball - How Young is too Young in Recruiting?

      By: Ryan Wood Published on: 2010 Source: USA Basketball

      In May of 2008, former University of Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie offered a scholarship to a promising 6-foot-4 guard out of California named Michael Avery. It was the first offer Avery received, and he quickly accepted it to end his recruitment. The catch? Avery was in eighth grade when he made the commitment. Incredibly, Avery is not the only example of an athlete picking a college while still in j.. Read Article »

      Basketball - NCAA Board Tweaks Men's Basketball Recruiting

      By: USA Basketball Published on: 2012 Source: USA Basketball

      In an effort to reduce the influence of third parties in the recruiting process, the NCAA Division I board of directors adopted a new recruiting model for men's basketball this week. Starting on June 15th after an athlete's sophomore year of high school, coaches will be allowed to send unlimited phone calls and text messages to recruits. This includes private messages on social networks such as Facebook and Twitt.. Read Article »

      Basketball - Recruiting game difficult for Division-III Occidental

      By: Tim O'Donnell Published on: 2014 Source: The Occidental Weekly

      University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball head coach John Calipari has it easy in recruiting. Occidental’s Brian Newhall? Not so much. Newhall recently shed light on the difficulties and realities of Division-III recruiting and the challenges specific to Occidental. Division-I coaches such as Calipari can sell full academic scholarships, state-of-the-art facilities and a chance to compete at the high.. Read Article »

      Field Hockey - Field Hockey's Big Picture

      By: Edgar Allen Beem Published on: 2009 Source: Bowdoin Paper

      Field Hockey's Big Picture Two minutes into the second 15-minute overtime period of the 2008 NCAA Division III National Field Hockey Championship, Bowdoin’s Shannon Malloy ’11 deftly intercepted a clearing pass from a Tufts University defender and sent the ball ahead to Kara Kelley ’10. Kelley spotted first year forward Katie Herter ’12 on the left flank and drove a pretty diagonal pass to .. Read Article »

      Field Hockey - Futures

      By: Team USA Published on: 2014 Source: Team USA

      MISSION The Futures program is dedicated to developing the top athletes in each region, identifying the most talented athletes in the nation, and cultivating the Olympic athletes of tomorrow. ABOUT Since its establishment in 1990, the Futures Program has been the start of many athletes Olympic journey. Today approximately 5,000 top high school athletes who aspire to play at an elite level participate.. Read Article »

      Field Hockey - Futures - SELECTION OPPORTUNITIES

      By: Team USA Published on: 2014 Source: Team USA

      SELECTION OPPORTUNITIES Established in 1990, the Futures program is an effort to continually raise the level of field hockey in the United States by developing athletes for future consideration to the U.S. National Teams. Athletes train at their Futures site for 27 hours from January through May. Futures athletes undergo elite-level training to improve their skills and develop a tactical understanding of the gam.. Read Article »

      Field Hockey - Walpole’s Brooke Matherson embracing transition to BC

      By: Michael McMahon Published on: 2014 Source: Boston Globe

      Brooke Matherson arrived on campus Tuesday morning. Her itinerary for her first day as a freshman at Boston College was chock full. Field hockey practice started Wednesday. The transition to college can stir a whirlpool of emotions, whether the student is an athlete or not. Matherson was nervous, as any freshman recruit would be joining a Division 1 program. But the recent Walpole High graduate gladly.. Read Article »

      Football - An end to Oversigning

      By: Michael F. Adams Published on: 2012 Source: Wall Street Journal

      Recruiting for college athletics, especially college football in the Southeastern Conference, has become a phenomenon all to itself. It also has become a business, with Internet companies and mainstream news outlets deploying significant resources attempting to rate 17- and 18-year-olds and reporting on their whims. It is a significant part of the jobs of hundreds of coaches and compliance personnel in our athletics depar.. Read Article »

      Football - Athletes and Colleges Feel a Recruiting Pinch

      By: MARK VIERA Published on: 2009 Source: NY Times

      Morgan Moses is one of the top-rated high school offensive linemen in the country. He is 6 feet 7 inches, weighs nearly 350 pounds and has scholarship offers from colleges like Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio State, Virginia and Virginia Tech. But the economy has begun to factor into his family’s discussions about how far he will go from their home in Richmond, Va. While his mother, Marion, said she wanted her son.. Read Article »

      Football - Brandle Randle - Make a Decision, but Check the Fine Print

      By: Bill Broderick Published on: 2015 Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

      Make a Decision, but Check the Fine Print Know what you are getting offered During the recruiting process, a recruit is looking for a good fit, just like a college football program is looking for players that will work in their program. "It's all about what kind of attributes they are looking for and if we can fit in their puzzle in terms of their offense and defense," Ernsberger said. It was a frustrating pro.. Read Article »

      Football - Brandle Randle - Numbers Can Be Daunting

      By: Bill Broderick Published on: 2015 Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

      Just One of Many It was said very well above, approximately 40,000 high school athletes play football in the state of Michigan. And they all can't continue to play that sport at the next level, because the numbers won't allow it. Now, not all of them want to, or have the potential to. But here's the stats. In 2014, there were 1,122,024 high school athletes playing football in the United States. From that numbe.. Read Article »

      Football - Brandle Randle - See and Be Seen going to camp

      By: Bill Broderick Published on: 2015 Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

      Going to Camp for Brandon Randle Several colleges have your tape, but those coaches want to know so much more. Making contact, getting on campus and getting to a camp or a combine is the next crucial step for a prospect. This is where our test case made up the most ground in his search to get noticed. "I was a no-star a few months ago. Then, just a few weeks ago I am up to a three-star on All.. Read Article »

      Football - Brandle Randle - Send In The Tape

      By: Bill Broderick Published on: 2015 Source: BattlecreekEnquirer

      Friday Night Highlights There are highlight plays under the Friday night lights each fall. If a prospective college football recruit is making those highlight plays, someone needs to put it on tape and have it sent to a college campus of their choice. Hoping a stray college coach notices how a quarterback helped his team win the game with a last-minute pass, or how a linebacker made a key tackle .. Read Article »

      Football - Can New York Become a Football Town?

      By: RYAN WALLERSON Published on: 2014 Source: WSJ

      As Leagues and Coaches Improve, More Recruiters Are Visiting Every year, media coverage leading up to the Super Bowl includes the inevitable stories about players who are coming home for the big game and relishing the opportunity to perform in front of the fans they made proud in high school. But this year, as the game comes to Greater New York for the first time, something unusual is happening. There isn't a.. Read Article »

      Football - Division III Colleges Recruiting High School Benchwarmers

      By: Bill Littlefield Published on: 2014 Source: Only a Game

      Division III Colleges Recruiting High School Benchwarmers The most athletic high school juniors are currently receiving piles of glossy brochures from eager universities hoping to add height or strength or agility to their athletic rosters. But what about the less tall, less strong, less agile — even less talented — athletes? Bob Cook, who writes about youth sports for Forbes and is the father of one s.. Read Article »

      Football - Football's Only Half of It

      By: JOSHUA ROBINSON Published on: 2011 Source: Wall Street Journal

      Columbia Brings a Strange Blend of Pressures, but Alex Gross Isn't Complaining In the narrow hallway leading to the Columbia football team's classroom, 7:45 a.m. on Thursday was still too early for chatter. Unshaven faces looked around in near silence at pulled-up hoodies and slumping shoulders. Alex Gross, a senior captain, waited for the linebackers meeting to begin, his mop of brown hair tucked under a baseball.. Read Article »

      Football - High School Recruits Think Twice About Signing Letters of Intent

      By: RAY GLIER Published on: FEB. 13, 2015 Source: NY Times

      MONTEZUMA, Ga. — In a crowded gymnasium at Macon County High School on Feb. 4, Roquan Smith, one of the top high school linebackers in the country, picked up a U.C.L.A. hat and put it on his head, signaling his intention to play for the Bruins. Smith, however, did not pick up a pen and sign a national letter of intent, which would have made his decision a binding agreement, according to N.C.A.A. rules. .. Read Article »

      Football - Know what goals are when looking for sports camps

      By: Bill Broderick Published on: 2015 Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

      Know what goals are when looking for sports camps There are athletic camps for all kinds of sports available during the summer and for all types of reasons. Knowing why you are going to a sports camp and what you hope to get out of the experience is as important as remembering to bring your shoes so you aren't left on the sidelines when the whistle blows. When athletes and parents are looking at how to spe.. Read Article »

      Football - The Day I Watched My Son In The NCAA Division III Football Recruiting Machine

      By: B Cook Published on: 2014 Source: Forbes

      As Augustana (Ill.)’s football coach, Rob Cushman, led 21 would-be college football players (and their families) on a tour of the the school’s newly erected $10.5 million football stadium and complex, my eye was drawn to a relatively small detail on the wall of a meeting room: the depth chart of the 2013 Vikings. While Cushman talked up the great athletic and academic opportunities on campus — p.. Read Article »

      Football - What is Football Junior Day

      By: Mitch Sherman Published on: 2012 Source: ESPN RecruitingNation

      Junior days were once for show, but now they are a big part of recruiting process As more and more programs begin hosting their annual junior days, here's a look at what these events are, what happens and the future of them. What is a junior day? Think of it as a group unofficial visit. Junior days have skyrocketed in popularity in the past decade. Most major programs use them as something of an introduct.. Read Article »

      Football - Stanford Corners the 'Smart' Market

      By: DARREN EVERSON AND JARED DIAMOND Published on: 2012 Source: WSJ

      After Its Best Football Season in Years, School Chases Top Recruits With Elite Grades; Building Robots As college football's 2011 recruiting classes took shape last week, much of the talk was dominated by the usual question: Which team pulled in the richest talent haul? Some say it was Alabama, others Florida State. What was not acknowledged, or even noted, was the impressive and unusual incoming class assem.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - Admissions and the Cold Slap of Rejection

      By: Bill Pennington Published on: December 25, 2005 Source: New York times

      Admissions and the Cold Slap of Rejection Kevin Friedenberg was certain he had played by all the rules of the college recruiting game. A top high school lacrosse goalie from Needham, Mass., he had e-mailed coaches to promote himself and had attended showcase camps and tournaments. An A student who said he had College Board scores equivalent to 1,380 on the two-part SAT, Friedenberg narrowed his choices to three Divisi.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - Are You the Diamond in the Rough?

      By: Brian Delaney Published on: 2009 Source: Lacrosse Magazine Online

      If Sept. 1 of your junior year didn't bring the deluge of calls or letters from major college coaches you expected or hoped for, it's time to take a deep breath, regroup and strategize. If there's one piece of advice all coaches and players seem to suggest, it's you should be relentless in pitching yourself as a prospective recruit. Here are a few tips culled from active players and coaches on how to find the best m.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - Catching the Eye of a College Lacrosse Coach

      By: Franklin & Marshall College Published on: 2014 Source: Franklin & Marshall College

      “LETTING THE GAME COME TO YOU” With college coaches looking on, junior prospects often play out of their element and force situations they usually would not- all in an effort to impress college coaches. Sometimes it works in their favor, often times it does not. College Hopefuls certainly need to do the right things in order to get noticed, but forcing the situation can sometimes turn coaches off. It can.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - Five Big Things Every Lacrosse Parent Should Know

      By: Matt Forman Published on: 2012 Source: Laxmagazine

      Dr. Richard Ginsburg took a deep breath and chuckled. "Being a parent is humbling," said Ginsburg, the co-director of the Paces Institute for Sport Psychology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, faculty member at Harvard University, US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee member and co-author of "Whose Game Is It, Anyway?" "As a parent, I'm getting more and more data on myself. I'm amazed at.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - High school lacrosse faces challenging new reality with early recruiting

      By: Eric Detweiler Published on: 2013 Source: Washington Post

      In February, three months after orally committing to play college lacrosse at his dream school, Sam Offut began high school tryouts at Landon. Strong on faceoffs with the potential to become a versatile two-way midfielder, the 16-year-old Arlington resident’s recruiting profile offered no guarantee of a place on a talented squad that includes 16 other players who have pledged to play at Division I schools. .. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - How to play NCAA Men's Lacrosse

      By: Tom Lakin Published on: 9/15/2010 Source: ESPNHS Men's Lacrosse

      What Coaches Look For Ask Salisbury University assistant coach Tim O’Branski what he looks for in a men’s lacrosse recruit, and he’ll tell you everything you need to know in just one sentence. “The specifics I look for are raw athleticism such as speed, strength and footwork; great stick skills; great off-ball play; a high level of both lacrosse and academic intelligence; and intangibles su.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - On Choosing to Play Division III

      By: Jack McDermott Published on: 2014 Source:

      I first read Dave Campbell’s editorial “On Choosing to Play Division III” during my junior year of high school. It could not have come at a better time. I was entrenched in the college lacrosse recruiting process and I had my sights set on suiting up for a Division I program. “As a high school lacrosse player with hopes of playing in college, one can be hyper-focused on the role of lacross.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - Put Me in, Coach! 10 Ways to Earn More Playing Time

      By: Kate Leavell Published on: 2015 Source: US Lacrosse

      You worked hard in the offseason to prepare for tryouts, and when it came time to perform, you made the team! The first game came around and you only got in for a few minutes in the second half. You felt your excitement fading a bit. The second game came around, and again, you only saw a few minutes. The next week at practice, you started losing focus, ran a little slower and started to wonder if it was all worth it... Read Article »

      Lacrosse Recruiting - The Ivy League Advocates to Limit Early Recruiting of Prospective Student-Athletes

      By: Ivy League Published on: 2016 Source: Ivy League

      The Ivy League, continuing its commitment to a student-centered model of Division I athletics, has proposed NCAA legislation to allow prospective student-athletes more time in the recruiting process to make the important decision of where to attend college. “The pressure on prospective student-athletes to commit to a specific college earlier and earlier is a national issue,” said Executive DirectorRobi.. Read Article »

      Lacrosse - What Tierney, Starsia, Desko Look For In Attackmen

      By: Rob Carpenter Published on: April 19, 2012 Source: Inside Lacrosse

      Today's young players are bombarded with information and offers tied to the recruiting process. The value placed on "being seen" is at an extreme premium. This is justifiable as choosing a school and, in-turn, being chosen is the ultimate rite of passage in most players' careers. The school you play for will not only be a major component in your own life story, it will be a source of pride for family, friend.. Read Article »